2013 Garze Tibet Workshop & Tour

Spend 10 days in the beautiful, mysterious, and uniquely Tibetan Garze prefecture...

I’m really excited to announce our first tour/workshop of 2013.  We will be holding a workshop in one of my favorite places in all of Tibet, Garze prefecture.  Garze has the most unique architecture I’ve ever seen in all of Tibet and the people are relatively untouched by modernization as compared to other places on the plateau.  In 2012 I spent three days driving through Garze and it left such a huge impact on me that I knew Plateau Photo Tours needed to do a workshop here.  We will spend 10 days photographing Garze prefecture.  I’m excited as always to have my good friend and cohort Matt Brandon (The Digital Trekker) on board for this one as well.  All in all, this is going to be a truly amazing trip.

Check out the information and images below:

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2012 Tour Schedule

Plateau Photo Tours 2012 Workshop Schedule

I’ve been getting quite a few emails asking if our Plateau Photo Tours 2012 tour schedule is finalized or not – I’m happy to say that we have finalized all our plans on two amazing trips that we are offering to the general public.   I’m excited to be partnering with my good friend and fellow photographers Matt Brandon and Jerod Foster for two separate trips through some amazing parts of Tibet and western China.

The two trips are are offering in 2012 are below:

It gives me great pleasure to announce Plateau Photo Tours annual Lhasa, Everest, Nepal Overland Tour and workshop.  Last years tour was a ton of fun. We continue to call this trip a ‘bucket-list’ trip because, well, you’re going to see some amazing things!  If you are interested in what all the tour entails, please visit our Plateau Photo Tours website.

The overland route connecting Lhasa, Tibet with Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the most beautiful and and sought-out land routes in all of Asia. Covering a distance of 600 miles, this workshop will take us from the ancient Tibetan capital of Lhasa to pristine high altitude lakes, winding ancient rivers, beautiful farming valleys, Everest Base Camp and over the Himalaya Mountain passes to the ancient Nepali city of Bhaktapur. We will be visiting the most famous monasteries and temples in all of Tibet while spending 13 days immersed in the unique Himalayan culture. Join us on the Roof of the World to get up close and personal with Himalayan culture and the adventure of a lifetime!

We like to consider this workshop as a ‘photo tour with a strong teaching element‘.  Most of the teaching will be done on the field in an organic fashion – we will have some specific teaching areas we will cover as well.  Also, we will have reviews and teachings most evenings to cover events from the day and to prepare for the next.  However, we understand that you will want to get lost in the endless alleyways of Lhasa and wander around monasteries to find your own adventures.  Their will be no ‘flag-totting tour guide following‘ whatsoever.  We’ve built time in for everyone and those who want one-on-one time with the instructors will get it.  Those who want to simply shoot will get it.  We’ve built the tour around flexibility, community, discussion, freedom and your ability to learn what you want from our instructors while also having the opportunity to shoot what you want.

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2012: Storytellers Workshop

Learn to tell amazing, rich, and effective stories with your photography

I’ve gotten so many emails in the last few months asking if Plateau Photo Tours has on tap.  I’m excited to reveal another one of our headline tours for 2012 – our 2012 Storytellers workshop

Jerod Foster and myself couldn’t be more excited to announce our first Storytellers workshop.  Jerod and I have been able to develop a close friendship over the last few years, so we were excited when the opportunity to co-lead a workshop presented itself — especially over a topic that we are both passionate about — Storytelling. This workshop coincides with the release of Jerod’s new and amazing book – Storytellers.

Per usually with Plateau Photo Tours, we are excited to bring along some really great sponsors.  For the 2012 Storytellers workshop, we are happy to have Peach Pit Press, Black Rapid Straps, and 3 Legged Thing tripods along for the ride.  This means our tour will come with some great products from all of these sponsors.  You’ll either walk home with some free swag or get the opportunity to use some of their revolutionary products for free while on the tour.

A bit more about the tour:

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Nov 5th: Foundations Workshop

An Advanced Understanding of Photographic Foundations w/ Jerod Foster & Brian Hirschy


Foundations workshop is focused on strengthening your abilities to see and create images that utilize an advanced understanding of where we start out with our cameras and vision. The all-day workshop moves beyond just learning how to make your camera work, and into an area that emphasizes producing images that marry our abilities and technique in creating compelling, attractive, and interesting photographs. More importantly, Foundations workshop is geared toward hands-on instruction in how to create images that say something more than a snapshot.

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2012: Lhasa, Everest, Nepal Overland tour

Join Matt Brandon & Brian Hirschy for two weeks immersed in unique Himalayan culture

It gives me great pleasure to announce Plateau Photo Tours annual Lhasa, Everest, Nepal Overland Tour and workshop.  Last years tour was a ton of fun. We continue to call this trip a ‘bucket-list’ trip because, well, you’re going to see some amazing things!  If you are interested in what all the tour entails, please visit our Plateau Photo Tours website.

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