Brian M. Hirschy


At one point in my life I was a full-time travel photographer, workshop instructor and media/marketing consultant living in China and Tibet. 

About two years ago (2012), something awesome happened. I got happily busy with my other passion of providing overall marketing and consulting for individuals in the service industry – which eventually completely took over my work life. I love every second of it. I still have a camera in my hand almost every single day, but calling myself a “full-time photographer” just isn’t true anymore. Additionally, I got really tired of the effort (and lame self promotion – no photographer is as cool as they want you to think they are.) that is required to keep up a blog. One day soon (It’s January, 2015) I’d like to return to it, but don’t keep your hopes up.

I have extensive experience working with large corporate clients as well as tiny NGO’s and am really good at working my butt off for my clients.  I’ve been privileged to shoot for publications and magazines word wide and have won awards for that work.

I’m happy to have founded  Plateau Photo Tours, a photography workshop agency based in the Himalaya of which I was the main teaching photographer from 2009 to 2013.  Additionally, I’m very proud to be on part-time staff with LOVE146, an international human rights organization dedicated to the eradication of child sex trafficking.