• I’d want One.

  • Andrew Steger


    • brianhirschy

      Yeah you do.

  • Hirschy! I would love to have one of these!!! They’re sweet!

    • brianhirschy

      Good luck, friend.

  • After years of following your blog, count me in on these.

    • brianhirschy

      Awesome. Thanks for the kind words and good luck!

  • that colorful horse is rocking my world

    • brianhirschy

      Yeah it is – you should come by and see it in person…

  • Tara Stone

    Beautiful photography! I would love to have one of your amazing prints!

    • brianhirschy

      Than you so so much.

  • Gimme!

  • I would love to have any of the Everest prints as I came to within 4,000 miles from it!

    • brianhirschy

      You can see it from Alaska!

      • Also, could you throw in the gray T-shirt with yellow stripes that you are wearing as part of the “winning package?”

  • Jon

    i want

    • brianhirschy

      Jon – not sure who you are exactly or how I’d get it to you w/o your contact info or some sort of bio on the comments. Please email me to be entered.

  • BRAD


  • Erin Wilson

    Hey Brian, these look gorgeous. Kudos for making prints! Love the behind the scenes peek… that’s so fantastic.

    I’d love to hear more about how you found the printing process, if you calibrate your monitor (and how much of a difference you think it made), how you found the mid-tones printed (particularly your bxw images), and how you chose the type of paper you used.

    I really need to get some prints made for myself. Everything I’ve ever printed has been for someone else.

    • brianhirschy

      No problem – please send me your mailing address when you get the chance…

  • AliMcJ

    I’d love tohave one of the b&w prints of the temple in the valley. Have you ever seen any of the work of Lan Chin-shan (Long/Lang/Lan Chin Shan)? I’ll see if I can find any of his work online. Have looked: too esoteric for even the web? B&W montage photos, large 3′ x 6′, like landscape ptgs and the images are like chinese ink landscape paintings. Astounding work.

    • brianhirschy

      Is it a Chinese photographer – 兰前山 maybe?

      • AliMcJ

        I can’t read the first character (last name/surname): it’s in abbreviated Communist characters and I only know the traditional ones — not all of them: the ones I recognize or/and can look up are the traditional ones, which are actually easier to read than the abbreviated ones because they make sense. The second two are Chin/Ching Shan though. The first character may be Lan, standing for orchid, as it does have the remnants of the radical for flower on top, which is just a wild guess. It may be his art name — Lan=Orchid is not a Chinese surname. I have a set of OOP magazines in English about Chinese art, published in Taiwan, which I kept for reference, so I can probably find out what the characters are, as I first saw his work in them. Those magazines are real treasures.

        Did you find examples of his photos online under that name?


  • Andrea

    I would love when although not sure if you want to ship to Canada. The one with horse just makes me smile.

    • brianhirschy

      Shouldn’t be a huge problem… I’ll give you a fair shake same as the rest – RANDOM!!!

  • Dave Murray

    Yeah, definitely put my name in there.

    • brianhirschy

      Good luck, Dave!

  • Ryan Voight

    I want one

    • brianhirschy

      Yeah buddy.

  • Matea Michelangeli

    Who doesn’t like give aways>? And BTW I don’t see anything wrong with a little promotion. If that helps bring some readers to your blog, why not?

    • brianhirschy

      Hey thanks Matea,

      To answer(“answer is totally the wrong word”) the question about promotion – I feel like the industry has gotten to such a point where people are requiring readers, followers, and friends to jump through so many hoops (“Tweet this to enter!” “Like my Facebook page to get free stuff!”) that it’s become burdensome. In a sense, I’d be buying my audience. I’ve gotten really tired of it and I feel like it’s kind of cheap for me… and most people can recognize the fact that they have to kiss butt in order to get something for free.

      There are some pretty big photogs in the industry that have very sub par work but are famous because they give stuff away all the time. I’d prefer my work to remain as un-adulterated as possible – I’m not judging other people by that statement but myself – that’s simply how I feel right now.

      I’m not saying give-aways are bad or immoral, but if you require something from the person wanting it, does that cease to make it free?

      There is a good way to do it, but it’s a fine line… one that I’d prefer to run away from. I want to give back simply for ‘giving’ sake and make something legitimately free – nothing required from the other person and to let my current readers know I appreciate them.

      Not to say I won’t do give-aways in the future that require tweets and other things, but this is where my heart on the subject is right now.

      I often times do contests with my corporate sponsors (ThinkTank, Phottix, Black Rapid,3 Legged Thing, etc) because I feel like their products can stand for themselves and are products that I rely on for what I do. I don’t mind promoting them.

      So with all that said, maybe we all need to have a discussion on what is too much when it comes to give aways? How do we feel when we are on the other side of it? If someone is giving away a 5DMIII if I ‘like’ their work on facebook, but I actually HATE their work… then what?

      It’s the nature of hte industry I guess.

      Sorry for the essay and I hope it didn’t come across as preachy. I’m personally just in a weird place with this and wanted to give something away for 100% free.

      • Matea Michelangeli

        Not preachy! I agree 100% with you, specially on the charity part. Hate when giving comes with a condition and a personal gain.
        What I meant was that I didn’t mind tweeting your giveaway, but I liked that you didn’t require that.
        When you “like” somebody’s page just for the giveaway, chances are you won’t be following their work after that is over if you didnt like it in the first place. And you are right, is like buying an audience.
        If you require something is not a “give away” anymore, it’s more like a raffle or lottery….
        Keep up the good work !

    • brianhirschy

      I will add this. Those who require ‘Likes’ or ‘Retweets’ for personal gain in order to give to charity, ie “For every like I get on Facebook I will give $1 to …” really really bother me. My BS radar goes off the chart when I see that.

      I know many people might have great intentions, but…

      Tragedy should NOT be used for personal promotion… on any level in my opinion.

      Some would argue that a person is only promoting the tragedy or how to give aid, but can’t that be done without any sort of personal gain… like, zero?

      I think Gary Vaynerchuck say’s it absolutely best in his book “The Thank You Economy”

      “The amount of people who are leveraging disaster to gain followers [or likes] is disgusting. The next time you hear someone on social media say, “If I get 500 followers on Twitter I’ll give $500 bucks to Haiti!” …please, send them my way so I can punch them in the face and call them out publicly because that’s disgusting – to leverage tragedy for personal gain. We all know what you are doing – consumers BS radars are better than you think. I’m not sure what those people people who promise to donate $1000 bucks to Haiti [are doing] – Just give the $100 to Haiti, you jerks. It’s not about the number of followers you have or the likes you have.”

      I know that’s a hard line in the sand, but having worked on the receiving side of tragedy so many times… it feels bad.

  • Travis Stalcup

    I’d love a free print 🙂

  • charleschao

    i love to get one but have some catholic guilt for taking something without returning anything.

  • Dan Essen

    I want one of these phenomenal prints!

  • Tim

    Would LOVE one of these. Fantastic work!

  • I’d want one

  • Hi Brian. I would love to have one of your beautiful prints hanging on my wall.

  • brianhirschy

    I’m so happy to announce the winners of the print give away.

    Instead of giving away 5, I decided to get more printed and give away 8 of them. These are printed on some pretty amazing paper and I can’t wait for you guys to get them.

    The winners, selected totally – and honestly- at random from email, twitter, and comments are as follows and in no particular order:

    Abby Barnhart (@dearabbyleigh)

    Andrew Steger (@acsteger)

    Erin Wilson (@erinwilsonphoto)

    Charles Chao (@_CharlesChao)

    JaySnider (@jaysnider)

    Adam Argo (@adamargo)

    Ashley Simunic (@ashleyhaguewood)

    Matea Michelangeli (@mateamiche)

    • Erin Wilson

      What a lovely surprise. 🙂
      Thank you, Brian. You’re a generous soul!
      I’m having to downsize my art collection for a move to northern Iraq… but this one is coming with me 🙂