November Wallpaper – Autumn

A November wallpaper dedicated to the changing seasons, fresh eyes, & falling leaves...

Fall is hands down my favorite season.

Living in western China we rarely experience a typical fall.  The altitude, brutally cold climate, and lack of trees conspire together to make Autumn a season that basically doesn’t exist.  Skipping fall every year can be a huge bummer.

But not this year.  The falling leaves, brilliant colors, and crisp mornings are all something I’d been looking forward to.  The last few weeks I’ve been up with the sunrise photographing it all (credit our huge east-facing windows).  I can honestly say it’s a beautiful thing to experience Autumn with ‘fresh‘ eyes.

Thus I present you with my November 2012 Fall Wallpaper(s):

This desktop wallpaper is a bit of a departure from the normal fall seasonal photography you typically see.  I wanted to put something out that had some dark atmosphere to it and a little less typical colorful ‘leafy-ness.’  Above is what I came up with.   By the way, I did take a whole bunch of  ’colorful leafy’ pictures and posted them below for all the fall photography purists.

I hope you are all having a wonderful fall season!


  • Erin Wilson

    Like this one a lot. I’m all for fall colour, but appreciate the lower saccharine content of this. You had another image in your autumn leaves collection yesterday, no? It was my fave. Top of a tree to the left of the frame? Lots of white space. Love the more spare take on the subject. No one needs to see another image of a single leaf on a sidewalk… you managed a spare composition that was fresh. fwiw.

    • brianhirschy

      Erin – Thanks a ton.

      I really really really love back lighting LEAVES!