• Erin Wilson

    LOL… Oh, that hot iron is so weirdly awesome!

    • brianhirschy

      Yeah, I took it down though. That was for a client!

  • oh how I wish I could be there.

    • brianhirschy

      I wish you could have been here also

  • Very cool.

  • That is awesome.

    • brianhirschy

      Thanks, was a ton of fun!

  • the coolest thing i’ve done in a long time. you are good brian!

    • brianhirschy

      I seriously doubt that, Abby.

  • John Nelson

    Briiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll…wait for it…..iant! Superb!

    • brianhirschy

      Hahah, you gotta get in on the next one!

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