• Dorothy Brown

    Stunning, heart-felt images, Brian. Congratulations! Those days are long ago for me, but these bring the feelings flooding back.

    • brianhirschy

      Dorothy – Thanks for coming and hope you are doing well!

      Thank you so much for your comments.

      Hope all is well,

  • Erin Wilson

    So, so beautiful. He’s got an old soul, that one.

    • brianhirschy

      Thanks so much – if he’s anything like I was as a kid we are in for some trouble.

  • Congratulations. How long until he grows his first beard? 🙂

    • brianhirschy

      who knows man – growing a beard is really a state of mind… With that being said, I’d assume he’d have a full beard in less than 3 years?

  • I missed this when you posted it….so CONGRATS!!